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News Update

Welcome to version 4. This version replaces v2 & v3. This site is in beta. Feel free to join as we make improvements.

We now accept Bitcoin!

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V4.HitsBooom TE Details

FREE Traffic Exchange

$0.25 signup bonus

2000 signup bonus auto credits

250 signup bonus manual credits

2000 signup bonus banner impressions

5000 signup text link impressions

Manual 12 second timer

Auto 15 second timer

Win contest bonus credits and cash for surfing

Auto (0.5) surfing!

Manual (0.6) surfing!

Auto monthly credit bonus 500!!

Manual monthly credit bonus 20

Text link monthly credit bonus 100

Banner imp monthly credit bonus 100

50% referral commissions on onsite purchases!!!

Plus other features to boost hits/traffic to your sites

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Feature Link Free Banner Exchange

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